Relaxačně - erotické masáže

Looking for a great and extra sensual relax? Right here, please come in...


Massage for relaxation

Relaxing massage strengthens mental and physical health. Harmonizes the body and soul of every person. Most of us perceive the massage as something very pleasant, it also acts as a rehabilitation and therapy. During the massage feelings of well-being and relaxation come and body is re-energized. Undergoing regular massages can eliminate some of our health problems, both psychological and physical nature.

Relaxing massages are particularly beneficial to our body, especially in today's fast-paced world where stress is considered to be the main cause of many physical and mental problems.

Relaxing massages can help to beat the overall tension, pain and muscle stiffness, they also act favourably in promoting blood circulation or the lymphatic system and can also help the body to eliminate toxic substances.

These tranquil massages also relax the body and mind along with the muscles, eliminate tension, promote relief and feelings of pleasure, generally they get us back peace of mind and supply us new energy.

One of the big and very important advantages of massage is also the fact that through hands our body is provided with one of the shortcomings of today's modern civilization - the human touch.

Please do not hesitate to visit us and enjoy a relaxing massage. Get rid of everyday worries and enjoy feelings of relax and tranquility.

Relaxing - erotic massage

Relaxing - erotic massage is based on the fact that every person needs a hug, caress and touch. It all evokes feelings of bliss, in addition is relaxes and it is a very good way to forget the daylong stress, fatigue and tension. It's also about communication - it is important not to be afraid to communicate your feelings and wishes, what parts should be touched again, what areas you feel pleasant to touch and what not.

It works very well on the basis of mental clean-up of worries, work pressures, relationships issues etc.

Touch and caress are focused on the whole body - neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms and legs, and later bottom, groin and intimate areas. There is no need to feel ashamed to speak. The whole massage takes at least 1 hour, althought according to experience the ideal time for total relaxation is 90 minutes. Short, half-an-hour visits are possible for example to focus just on intimate parts or massage of prostate itself.

However, there are strict rules for relaxation and erotic massages: we offer massage, though erotically oriented, without having sex.

Through attending our relaxation and erotic massage you will discover totally new dimension of excitement. Erotic massage will not only help to relax your tired and aching muscles but is also a pleasant warm-up to reach the very end later.

During the session of erotic massage you do not have to do anything. Just lie passively and let me care for you. I will massage and caress your entire body from the toe to the the head first from the back side, then front, and intimate parts will follow; if you wish I can follow with massage of prostate. I usually massage using hands, body, for different effect I use a scarf, fur or feathers as well. We can clarify everything just before the beginning of the massage session.

It is important to know that attending a relaxing erotic massage is solely for yourself, rest and relaxation. I assume that you come to achieve rest and relaxation and having understood the difference between a session of massage and paid sexual activities, then please call me or write to the email mentioned in Contacts, let's clarify everything and we can arrange a date of your massage session.


We provide only relaxation or relaxing erotic massage that have nothing to do with having sex. Do not expect either cunnilingus nor fellatio, or other sexual practices and positions. Do not expect anything different from previously explained philosophy of massage.

My only desire is solely to make you satisfied having attended the session of relaxing or relaxing erotic massage and happy to come back in future.


Price list

Type of massage

Massage duration

Price (CZK)

Relaxing – erotic full body massage session (on your wish including intimate parts)

 90 min.

 1.900,- Kč

Relaxing – erotic full body massage session (on your wish including intimate parts)

 60 min.

 1.300,- Kč

Relaxing – erotic full body massage session (on your wish including intimate parts) – for a couple

 180 min.

 3.000,- Kč

Massage of selected parts

 30 min.

 800,- Kč

Separate massage of prostate


 600,- Kč

Extending of ongoing massage session is possible only if time schedule allows: 500 CZK extra charge for every 30 minutes.



You can make an appointment through phone or e-mail. However, e-mails are answered with certain delay.



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